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Member Spotlight: : Dynacast Asia Pacific

10 Aug, 2022
Die casting is a crucial manufacturing process in the production of metal component parts.

The molds (also known as tools and dies) are created using steel and are specially designed for each customer project. This allows each component to be created with accuracy and repeatability. Dynacast carries an array of die casting solutions to benefit your company. How do they do this? Read on to find out!

First and foremost, who is Dynacast Asia Pacific?

Beginning with the immigration of founder Otto Gries in 1912, and later with the Gries Reproducer Corporation, Dynacast continually innovates, acquires, and grows. It has humble beginnings as a zipper manufacturer. Today, Dynacast International has 21 manufacturing facilities in 16 countries around the world. Their Singapore facility has a footprint of 11,000m2 and 240 employees in its service. They use their in-house fabrication system to generate tools.

Dynacast possesses a “global-local” culture whereby they are globally placed and locally attenuated to local culture, customs, and business practices. This lowers freight costs and accelerates response times. Their adept precision engineering and design-thinking processes ensure accuracy for your component’s design, tool design, and manufacture. Dynacast uses advanced tools and techniques to deliver cost-effective results for your business according to your needs. For instance, thin-walled aluminum die casting enables your business to build smaller and lighter products at lower component costs.

Dynacast’s ability to constantly innovate results in better quality products and product turnaround. Their niche industry knowledge helps you make better product decisions.

What products/services do they offer to businesses?

Aluminum Die Casting

The great thing about Dynacast’s aluminum dies is that they are lightweight and able to withstand the highest temperatures of all die cast alloy metals.

Here are some inherent characteristics of aluminum that makes it the die cast metal of choice for your company/industry:

• Has good bearing capacity in a wide range of temperatures
• High level of durability
• Corrosion resistance
• Lightweight to handle
• Great electrical conductivity
• Effective electrical performance
• Provides rigidity and durability with minimal shield weight
• Great strength and hardness
• Good thermal conductivity
• EMI and RFI shielding capacities are great, even in high temperature environments
• Finishing is immaculate and attractive.
• Complete recycling is possible

Magnesium Die Casting

Dynacast offers its magnesium alloy solutions for various industries given its advantages. They have their own fine-tuned processes to produce magnesium dies. This is the product of years of extensive research, vast knowledge, and industry experience.

Why is magnesium die casting preferable?

• The stiffness in magnesium alloys is remarkable and its impressive strength to weight ratio is useful in various sectors
• It has the capacity to bear temperature fluctuations
• It is highly cost-effective
• Its walls can be made very thin
• It can be recycled properly
• Offers greater corrosion resistance
• It is a light metal alloy
• It provides optimal stability with good dimensional accuracy
• Magnesium allows for better thermal and electrical conductivity
• It possesses admirable EMI and RFI shielding properties
• Provides attractive finishes

Zinc Die Casting

Zinc die casting is one of Dynacast’s specialties. Dynacast offers zinc dies that are subjected to rigorous tests. They are the result of extensive research and industry experience.

Why should you pick zinc as your alloy of choice?

• Zinc is very strong
• Recycling the product in its entirety is possible
• Provides an immaculate finish
• Thin walls can be incorporated in finished zinc die products
• The cost of raw materials is quite low
• Zinc possesses strong electrical conductivity
• Zinc components have impressive thermal conductivity compared to other metals
• Very stable
• Dimensional accuracy is excellent
• Has impressive corrosion resistance

So why should your business rely on Dynacast’s solutions?

• Dynacast offers die casting of its metal products at competitive prices • They specialize in small metal alloy components
• They employ the best professionals and modern techniques for making die casting alloys
• They cater to a diverse portfolio of industries such as hardware, computing, healthcare and automotive
• Dynacast extensively tests their products
• They can provide you with multiple solutions
• Their experts can transform your ideas and design into reality

I’m interested in these products/services. How can I go about purchasing them?

That’s wonderful to know. You may visit Dynacast here

Alternatively, you may call them at +65 6288 7644 or fill out their inquiry form here

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