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AEIS X IPC: a truly great collaboration

19 Aug, 2022
IPC is one of the electronics’ industry’s greatest governing bodies.

To the uninitiated, IPC is a global association that enables OEMs, EMS and PCB manufacturers and suppliers build a better electronic world. With an 3000 strong membership list and growing, IPC’s esteemed members benefit from IPC’s wide range of courses, programmes and services to gain a competitive edge and more financial prowess in the larger economy. Its Indian body, IPC India, marks 10 successful years establishing and developing the Indian electronics industry.

As such, AEIS, a key stalwart in the Asian electronics industry as well, welcomes the move to sign a MOU with IPC India. AEIS, an electronics trade association based in Singapore, prides over the hybrid method it adopts to connecting buyers and sellers in the electronics industry. Using an approach of physical and digital networking, AEIS builds meaningful relationships between electronic companies through digital ad physical tradeshows, marketing etc. With a mutual goal of growing a deep connection between member and association, the collaboration between AEIS and IPC India aims to widen the boundaries and interconnectivity of Asian electronics on a ‘global’ level.

So how exactly will the signing of the new MOU achieve this aim? Read on to find out.

AEIS and IPC India will be able to collaborate in the long-term.

Given that AEIS and IPC have many goals in common, the MOU seeks to enhance the working relationship between the trade associations. AEIS will benefit from the global reach IPC commands and IPC will benefit from the local reach AEIS specializes in. Through the tandem nature of this relationship, both parties as well as their respective members will benefit profoundly

Heightened milestones achieved in electronics education and training.

The entry level talent pool in the electronics industry may not have the sufficient know-how needed to support electronic firms in their everyday running. Through the MOU, AEIS will now be able to extend IPC’s training modules to this audience. Through a unique segmented survey, AEIS and IPC will be able to administer educational programmes in a more streamlined fashion. Furthermore, both trade associations will negotiate license fees and compensation to develop an educational programme structure that is tailormade for fresh talent.

Building the standards for the industry to thrive by.

Better safety and quality standards, for instance, are crucial for the betterment of the electronics industry. After all, with the evolution of technology, better standards need to be implemented to truly elevate industry performance. With the signing of the MOU, IPC and AEIS seek to gain a better understanding of exactly what these standards are and how they can be implemented. Through accurate surveying of intermediaries in the industry, more feedback can be gained to add value to this purpose.

Better marketing for better business and industry presence.

The electronics global supply chain is a deep and vast market to make sense of on the company level. With the new MOU, AEIS and IPC seek to break down these complexities in the form of appropriate marketing and communications for its members. Examples of this include and will include targeted marketing activities such as webinars, exhibitions, seminars, skillset competitions and business-matching sessions. Through these avenues, members will be in-the-know about changing industry initiatives.

In short, AEIS looks forward to communicating and working with IPC to improve and implement methodologies that elevate members in their respective electronic industry niches. These industry-level initiatives will grow the ‘glocal’ performance of members in years to come. Thank you for reading thus far and supporting our digital content. We hope you had many useful takeaways from this article.