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What is PCB?

30 August, 2021
Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s) are boards that connect electronic components and are the foundational building block of most modern electronics devices.

PCB’s are made of a non-conductive material with layers of copper circuitry buried internally that electrically connect the electronic components within the product.

Before the advent of PCB, circuits were constructed in laborious process so-called point-to-point wiring. When electronics became more prevalent in consumer goods, the pressure to reduce the size and manufacturing cost were addressed when PCBs went into production. Based on current trends, PCB production will continue to grow as demands increase to support Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 revolution.

From a single layer PCB to 14 layers,

it can go above 50 layers or more – these are very special type of PCBs mainly used for RF communication and medical devices. In general, most devices used only from 1~12 layers. Due to the fast- changing technology and high demand on smart electronic devices, manufacturers require HDI boards which have higher circuitry density than traditional circuit boards. HDI boards feature smaller vias and higher connection pad density. Both blind and buried vias are used for connection of different PCB layers and both these vias have great advantages in HDI PCB due to their optimal density.


PCB finishing can be in OSP, ENTEK, HAL (Tin/Lead). LFH (HAL Pb Free), Immersion Tin, Silver & Gold – 2 types (Electrolytic Gold Plating & ENIG – Electrodeless Nickel Immersion Gold).

Haleson PCB is an established PCB manufacturer since 1992, headquartered in Hong Kong and factories in Foshan, Guangdong, China. The company is specialized in PCB manufacturing from Single layer to 14 layers and competitive pricing for 2-8 layers HDI Boards (3mils) with blind vias.

Moreover, the company commenced production of Metal core (Aluminium base) PCBs in 2009 catering for LED lightings. Haleson attained certification such as UL, ISO 9000 & ISO 14000 certifications and, obtained TS /IATF 16949 and RoHS environment requirement certification.

Haleson is a IPC member and participant of UN Global Compact.

Article contributed by Haleson PCB (S) Pte Ltd Manufacturer of Rigid & Aluminium Core (For LED Lightings) PCBs PCB HS Code: 84733030