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AEIS started to adopt some basic environmentally friendly habits. We believed to build a sustainable future for our planet can start from small. Looking forward to every SME Singapore company joining us. Together we can make a difference by reducing the amount of energy, water, and paper in our business.

Let's improve our reputation and enhance our brand as a sustainable company. Start your green journey and track it regularly!

Action from you: Update your comapny particulars like email address, mobile number immediately to receive the latest documents digitally.

Reduce carbon footprint and save the trees.

  • Target: 20% reduction

Reduce hard copy invoice and replace by e-invoice.

  • Target: 50% reduction

Reduce payment by cheque, improving digital payment.

  • Target: 70% reduction

Reducing mass emailing, you will receive dedicated email. Target to fight for digital pollution.

(1 email emits 10g of CO2)


Clean up our emails and files to fight against digital pollution.

Let's take up our digitial trash and save our environment by reducing energy to save data.


Switching off the light for 1 hour a day* and using natural daylight. Take accountability for our ecological footprint by saving 1 hour of energy consumption.

We pledge to help reduce the effect of global warming on this planet.