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Member Spotlight: Prestige Technology (S) Pte Ltd

12 Sep, 2022
No electronic companies specialize in just one vertical these days.

Whilst semiconductors remain a mainstay of electronics, electronics companies still try to keep other product verticals alongside semiconductors. Prestige Technology is one such company. So how is Prestige Technology providing premium electronic solutions despite the pandemic economy? Read on to find out.

First and foremost, who is Prestige Technology (S) Pte Ltd?

Prestige Technology (S) Pte Ltd is an electronics solutions provider based in Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia and Taiwan. They have been an active provider of solutions in the semiconductor, cryogenic process/systems, and safety industries for more than a decade. Turnkey projects and engineering solutions are their specialties.

Prestige Technology prides itself over delivering high-quality services to all its customers and meeting their business needs. They work closely with their manufacturers to provide customers with the solutions needed to improve production efficiency at any point in the engineering process.

What solutions does Prestige Technology offer?

Semiconductor Solutions

Also referred to as ICs or microchips, semiconductors are the brains of an electronic device. Made of an equal number of conductors and insulators, they help power a variety of electronic devices. So, what solutions does Prestige Technology offer with regards to semiconductors?

Overhaul and Repair

Prestige Technology maintains, repairs and overhauls all kinds of semiconductor equipment regardless of their original equipment manufacturer (OEM). With over 10 years of experience in maintaining and repairing semiconductor equipment, Prestige Technology specialize in repair expertise for generators, mass flow controllers and chillers. You are guaranteed a peace of mind with Prestige Technology’s experienced engineers. They handle your equipment with best practices in mind and diligently control their inventory on fast-moving spare parts to provide immediate and urgent overhaul and repair services benefiting you by minimizing production downtime.


Equipment Refurbishment

Did you know that you can save up to 50% in operational costs when using refurbished equipment rather than purchasing brand-new equipment? Prestige Technology provides RF Generators, Matchers, RPS or relevant semiconductor equipment refurbishment service to enhance your existing equipment and support continuous upgrading. They are dedicated to utilizing customer costs with greater ROI. Their engineers made effort to extend equipment life cycle, optimize performance and reduce inventory for customers with minimal costs.

Prestige Technology’s professional team of expert design and reconfigure pre-owned equipment according to customers’ specifications and integrate refurbished equipment to existing systems. All refurbished equipment comes with warranty, applications support and parts/services contracts.

Sell and Trade-In Program

Prestige Technology offers used semiconductor equipment services to customers. This service reduces operational costs and raises return of investment (ROI) for customers.

In addition, Prestige Technology trades used semiconductor equipment. You can contact them if you wish to trade any of your semiconductor equipment with them.

Cryogenic Solutions

Cryogenic application in electronics industry is the operation of electronic devices, circuits, and systems at subzero temperature. It has been a valuable technology for decades. Cryogenic electronics (also referred to as low-temperature electronics, or cold electronics) can be based on semiconductive devices, on superconductive devices, or on a combination of the two. Prestige Technology focuses mostly on cryogenic electronics based on semiconductors. So, what cryogenic solutions does Prestige Technology offer for its clients?

Design, Customize and Build

Cryogenic piping systems need to be designed in a way that maximizes both process efficiency and flexibility. Prestige Technology are proud to have designed, customized, installed, and maintained cryogenic transfer systems for a wide variety of industries.

Turnkey Projects

Prestige Technology project team delivers you an effortless project journey starting from idea and design brainstorming for a high-quality and safe turnkey system to you.

All turnkey projects are customized systems to meet the unique and respective requirements, specifications, load and system capacity of customers. Every project encompasses Prestige Technology’s extensive after-sales services including system maintenance and repair. You can rest worry-free that your electronics company gets the best service in the market.

Spare Parts And Equipment Supply

Prestige Technology has an impressive and extensive database of cryogenic industrial parts and components maintaining a good stock level of parts in their warehouse to bring you readiness and flexibility in goods with no compromises on quality, delivery and service.

Safety Solutions

The electronics manufacturing/production floor is one that has various opportunities for accidents and harm. Therefore, proper safety apparatus and procedures need to be worn and put in place. These form as a basis for a more comprehensive WSH (Work Safety And Health) protocol. Prestige Technology provides the following safety solutions:


Maintenance And Calibration for Gas Detection System

Prestige Technology provides on-site and off-site gas detector maintenance and calibration services. Their team of qualified and experienced service engineers help to calibrate all type of portable and fixed gas detectors.

All standards of maintenance and calibration comply with ISO 9001 standards as well as the recommendations of the manufacturer. Prestige Technology promises to issue you with a calibration certificate after the equipment calibration process to serve as a proof of quality standards.

Gas Detector And Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Supply

PPE covers a wide variety of clothing and other work accessories that create barriers against workplace hazards. The usage of PPE creates hazard awareness in hazardous or potentially life-threatening environments. Prestige Technology covers your company’s safety and wellness needs through a complete set of safety products.

Instrumental Rental System

Instrument rental can often be optimized and cost-effective solutions for customers. Prestige Technology possesses a set of customized gas detection rental systems known as iNET. It can be designed and customized according to customer needs and working environment. The rental system comes with a full line of accessories including probes, docking stations and other accessories needed in your application.

All of Prestige Technology’s equipment is well-calibrated and serviced regularly to ensure customers are equipped with ready-for-use instruments.

I’m interested in purchasing some of these solutions. How can I go about doing that?

That’s wonderful to know. You may visit Prestige Technology (S) Pte Ltd here or reach them at their business email, sales@prestige-technology.com

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